Korean-Standard Service Quality Index: Development and Application
Youjae Yi , Jun Youb Lee
Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research
The overall level of service quality was rather low in Korea over the past decade. However, recently Korean customers had the increasing opportunities to experience advanced services due to globalization. As they came to have the increasing needs for high quality services, many companies tried to improve service quality to strengthen competitiveness. There is an increasing need for service quality measurement that reflects Korean conditions.

In an effort to meet the needs for new service quality measurement, we have developed the Korean Standard-Service Quality Index (KS-SQI). The purpose of this study is to provide a brief description of the KS-SQI model. In the paper we wish to develop an index of service quality that can be applied to various services, to apply the service quality index to various services in Korea, and to confirm consequences of service quality improvement from the viewpoints of company and customers.